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The Perfumed Dragon - purveyor of pure essential oils and high quality perfume oils that contribute to your sense of well-being. Our complete aromatherapy line also includes resins, massage oils, and sample sets. We began as The East West Trading Company in Boston, MA in 1979 serving the holistic healing community. Today, we offer your favorite fragrance commodities from familiar florals to unusual exotics, available here at The Perfumed Dragon website or at The Scented Path & Apothecary, our brick-and-mortar in California.

After over three decades of serving you at Renaissance Faires across the nation we have given up travel, but we're still here to fulfill your happiness via USPS. So to our many valued friends and customers - especially those from our beloved Arizona location, please give us a call! (805) 524-4856

The Perfumed Dragon, purveyor of pure essential oils and high quality perfume oils invites you to...

visit The Scented Path & Apothecary, our Fillmore store!
We're Open: Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 5pm

If you are making a special trip,
please give us a call and let us know.
We want your visit to be the best!

338 Central Avenue
Fillmore, California 93015 USA
(805) 524 - 4856